Photographic Memories

  • Figi AshfieldNeighbour

    We were first introduced to Millie when we mentioned that we thought that our garden looked particularly good and that we would like to have photographic memories of it for the future.

    Following chats with Millie she came at all different times of the year and produced marvellous photos of all the seasons in the garden. We have been very thrilled by the fantastic momentos Millie produced and have and will continue to recommend Millie’s work to many friends and contacts.

    Figi's Spring commission

Entranced By Her Creations

  • Emily CorfieldClient

    Millie Kohler brought alive our garden on canvas. I have been looking for a special present for my husband's 40th. When I saw her work I was entranced by her creations.

    Millie brought such colour and life to the pieces I chose from the pictures she took from our one acre garden. Today they are hanging on the walls around our house often prompting many discussions from those who have seen them.

    A true delight to work with

    Thank you Ems Corfield


Jekyll designed garden

  • Jane HerringClient

    We bought our house in West Surrey five years ago after falling in love with the wonderful Jekyll designed garden. It had so much to offer throughout the year that we decided we had to capture the contrasting colours of the trees and the beauty of the flowers in every season. Millie was commissioned to take on this task after we had seen some of her fabulous local winter landscapes and pretty summer scenes.

    Her autumn commission brilliantly captured the stunning reds and oranges of the acers and we have some wonderful images of the azaleas and magnolias in spring.

    Millie also created some superb prints of primula, fuchsia and pelargonium flowers that bring out the richness of their colours.

    We're looking forward to completing the collection with pictures from a winter shoot in the snow. If the other results are anything to go by, Millie will once again produce some fabulous, original impressions which we can treasure in lasting images in an album of the four seasons.


A Year in Our Garden

  • JanieClient

    Millie has done a fantastic book celebrating a Year in our garden. It is a record we will keep forever and her beautiful photography moves through the four seasons; she has a fantastic eye for detail and composition.